About Us

Welcome to Bluverty (Blu-V world)

A walking Art

Bluverty is a creative retail space, digital studio, store and a coffee shop for creativity and cultural exchange. The premium space for digital and printing solutions collaborations with start ups and designers worldwide.

The Blu-V world, launched in 2012, a digital studio for artists and designers. In 2015, the studio services in creating textile designs and printing on different types of fabrics, created its first line with collaborations with sister companies to create new fashion line, creating a fast notice ready-to-wear and artsy fashion labels. The pop-up community started to expand and the demand for new creative spaces and concept fusions are highly demanded. Today, Bluverty's concept is to fill that gap and provide that cultural exchange and creators diversity into one space.

Bluverty concept inspiration came from multi-cultures starting from the middle-east, Africa and Europe, a rich history and mixed cultures. The company started from small drawings on clothing and textiles to expand into a new concept store: combining the studio, the store, the coffee shop, the event planner guide and pop-up shops.

All of Blu-V’s creations and inspiration came from street arts, urban diversity to classic and modern art. Shinning the light on multi-cultures in Middle-East Area and the Arab world artistic talents, creating designs as expressive, bold and diverse as life itself.

To focus on social impact and communication, Bluverty studio is expanding to create digital content, custom publications, guidebooks and special projects for artists around the world. A carefully curated group of collaborators span fashion design, styling and photography, to art direction, graphics, illustration, music and design.

Together we can reach millions of people through creativity that can help in raising social awareness and contribute in cultural diversity and social interaction the world needs today.