How to start a Pop Up with Bluverty?

Do you want to be part of our Pop up Events?

Weather you are an interior designer, creative artist or curated chef you are welcomed to join us. Here are some examples of who can also be part of the events:

Fashion – everyone from large High Street brands to independent designers and local brands.

Health and Beauty – Pop-up shops are the perfect opportunity for product launches, test events and brand building exercises.

Art and artists – many artists use pop-up shops and galleries to display their collections and reach potential buyers. The flexibility of a pop-up shop allows local artists to flex their creative muscles to produce an impactful display space.

Online retailersPop-up stores are particularly attractive to digital first online retailers and eCommerce brands looking to extend their reach or test out physical retail. The online experience can never compete with a real world offline experience.

Retailers with existing physical presence – Retailers with an existing physical space can use them to test out new geographies or concepts.

Food and beverage providers – from ice cream to burger trucks blended with our pop-up café. Pop-ups are a great way for up and coming vendors to expand their reach or test out new audiences and offerings with temporary restaurants.

What is pop up retail?

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